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Backyards offer liveable space for today's renters

With home prices still on the rise, more people are choosing to rent in the DFW area. In fact, nearly 44% of households in DFW are comprised of rentals. That's a lot of apartment communities!

Rental prospects have become more discerning in what they seek because there are so many options from which to choose.  It once was enough to say "we have granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances" but today, that type of touring talk almost brings a yawn to your prospect. It's almost like the look on your prospect's face begs the question, "What else have you got?"  The best reply to that question is, "What do you need?" In many cases, the answer is a backyard.

Today, our residents come to us with dogs or little ones (or both) with no outdoor space for them that is "theirs".    The community playground is awesome, and everyone loves the dog park, but it's hard to beat opening up the back door to let Fluffy out while you have your morning coffee. It's nice to watch your little ones bounce around a ball knowing it will bounce back to them and keep them in your boundaries. Even if your prospect doesn't have little ones or a dog, almost everyone wants to grill. The common area grills are great and a wonderful way to meet your neighbors, but renters enjoy having their own barbeque outside their door. That's all but impossible to have when your resident is limited to a balcony.

Enter the apartment community backyard! Long gone are the days when a backyard meant you had to live in a 1980's condo rental where your 'open space' was a box defined by a wood fence on three sides. And today, renters realize that renting that condo isn't necessarily a good value. Often, they pay for routine maintenance, have to keep up with the yard, and have no additional amenities.

Apartment community backyards offer the open space residents want along with all of the other amenities the apartment community has to offer, and the resident doesn't have to maintain the yard or the apartment. Not only does this satisfy the needs of your resident but it creates a revenue premium for the community's balance sheet.

Cross Creek Ranch in Grapevine offers fenced yards on select floor plans.  Please ask us about this option and we look forward to hearing from you!

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